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Bazooka's 75th Anniversary Documentary

To complete our year-long celebration of Bazooka’s 75th Anniversary, we produced a mini-documentary celebrating the classic brand’s history and cultural impact. 

Bazooka 75th Anniversary Documentary Trailer



Throughout the year, we focused our advertising efforts on celebrating Bazooka’s 75th Anniversary via brand partnerships, giveaways, promos, themed packaging, etc. 



We partnered with Birch Coffee to develop a new Bazooka-inspired blend called the "Classic Cup of Joe." To build excitement, we brought back the Bazooka tradition of using comics as currency.  Customers spent the next few months trading in Bazooka comics for delicious cups of Birch Coffee. 

BZxBIRCH  story TESTs.png

Copywriter: Chris Rosenbalm | Art Director: Pete Bregman | Content: Flint & Steel

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