Hi, Chris Rosenbalm here,

     I’m a half-Palestinian narcoleptic Christian with a really Jewish last name.

     I try not to take myself too seriously. And though I love all people, I find it difficult to take people who take themselves too seriously, seriously.  

     I value the teachings of Confucius and someday hope to become one with the Tao, though Aristotle’s views on personal excellence uniquely harmonize with my inner-being. 

     I accepted the call to 'nerd-hood' sometime in middle school, and after years of resisting, I recently expanded my ‘nerd horizon’ to include the title of Dungeon Master. 

      I’m decently ADD, so I need to always be working on something or I get all existential and mopey. 

     To thrive? I need my people.

I love being part of a pack. I’m not the swolest or the wisest, but I do know how to have a good time, and really, that’s the #1 way I’ve seen creativity flow.  


Though I'm multicultural, I whiffed the deadline to be one of the 'most promising' ones.

So I gave myself an award anyway.