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I’m made up of 3 parts. 


Part 1 - The part that wants to help stop humans from blowing up the planet. 

As a half-Palestinian dude with a Jewish last name, I’ve thought about conflict a lot and concluded that it totally sucks. I’ve been growing my hair out in an attempt to channel Peace & Love from my inner hippie. 


I tend to carry my chill, go-with-the-flow energy into my collaborative endeavors.


Part 2 - The part that thinks people are hilarious. 

I find my best creative insights when I notice things that make me chuckle. And when it comes to people, there is ALWAYS something that makes me chuckle. 

Part 3 - The part that loves being a nerd. 

I was the kid who would practice using “the force” when nobody else was looking. And by “was,” I mean I still am. My tendency to get immersed in ideas has led to an affinity for storytelling. 

Hit me up anytime! Would love to chat.



Flint & Steel, NY

2021 - 2023


Jr. Copywriter

BYU AdLab 2021


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