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Planta  |  Celebrate Plant Parenthood


Plant owners can develop an almost parental attachment to their "plant babies." 


Turn heads by describing scenarios that would sound alarming in the context of human kids, but makes sense in the context of plant parenthood. Offer the PLANTA app as a solution to one's less-than-desirable plant parenting. 

Outdoor / Transit

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Spot Pitch


SPOT 1:  "Favorites"   -  30s

MOM: We have 7 kids, and I think it’s fine to have favorites. Everyone’s gonna love one more than others. It’s natural! It’s all about how pretty they are, how much they're growing, how long you think they’re gonna live, how much work they take. 

(gets beep on phone) 

MOM: Oh! It’s time to water Jenny! 

(holds up app and plant) 

MOM: Let’s go, baby! The Planta app tells me whenever they need a drink, so never forget to spoil my favorites!

SPOT 2:  "Individual Needs"   -  30s

DAD: So we’ve got 8 darling babies. Yep. Yeah. We know. And each of them has their own individual needs - which is so annoying. Some want food, some don’t. Some are thirsty, some aren’t. Half of them were on the brink of starvation for years… We had no idea! 

Thankfully, I got the Planta app. 

(holds up app and plant) 

DAD: It shows me when to feed each of them, so helpful!


SPOT 3:  "Healthy"   -  30s

DAD:  We’re proud parents of 9. Tell me about it… Some of our babies are a lot healthier than others. With the unhealthy ones, sometimes I’m like, why do I even bother? We’ve seriously considered getting rid of a few. Does that make me a bad parent? No. I don’t think so. 

(holds up a drooping plant) 

DAD:  See, like Kim, honey, you gotta give me a little more than this. 

(holds up the app) 

DAD:  Thankfully the Planta App gives me suggestions on how to help her out.

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