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Crayola Funboxing

We were tasked with promoting a wide range of Crayola’s featured products. We concluded that the best way to make this happen would be to deviate from traditional advertising methods. 

Pulling from the popular unboxing trend, we produced a web mini-series called FUNBOXING, unboxing with a twist.


Our hosts, Conlin and MJ, were joined each episode by a wild GUEST STAR. Together, they FUNBOXED their way through each new Crayola collection. 

Funboxing Case Study



Throughout the year, we focused our advertising efforts on celebrating Bazooka’s 75th anniversary via brand partnerships, giveaways, promos, themed packaging, etc. 

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We partnered with Birch Coffee to develop a new blend called the "Classic Cup of Joe." To get the word out, we brought back the Bazooka tradition of using comics as currency. Customers could trade in Bazooka comics for a cup of Birch Coffee. 

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Copywriter: Chris Rosenbalm | Art Director: Pete Bregman | Content: Flint & Steel

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