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All In Sight

NSAC Challenge - "Develop a marketing campaign that increases unaided awareness of the Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising, generates earned media, drives website traffic, and expands Adobe's connection with marketing professionals." 


           MAN B2B is a real bear.  Coming up with a strategy for this sucker took ages.  My team and I eventually found a solid pain point in marketing managers; they all feel massive pressure on a daily basis to make the best decisions. This insight led to our strategy, which birthed the creative. 

          Strat - With data from Adobe, the best choices become clear,  the smartest answers are screaming for attention. Its the decision making process without the process. 


            Line - All in Sight. 



billboard final.png

Google Ad

google display-05.png


3 Cards Email FINAL FINAL-04.png
2 Cups Email-03.png

Instagram Spots

Additional Spots

Copy: Chris Rosenbalm, Mitchell Winter, Jay Cook 

Art: Jameson Thornock, Christian Smith, Piper Alkonis

Video: Josh Lee

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